Saturday, November 16, 2013

Operation Hatid/Oplan Hatid for #YolandaPH Evacuees

**LAST UPDATED 11/23/2013 6:30pm, list is every time there are new updates/details about the effort...

About 600 evacuees come in everyday. Min. of 4 flights with 150 evacuees per flight. 1st flight comes in at 9am. Last flight comes in at 5pm. 

Evacuees are needed to be brought to the hospital or to their relatives. If you have a vehicle or just the driving skills THEY NEED YOU.

For interested Volunteers go to and register. After registering, just go to Gate 5 on the schedule you picked and look for the person in charge. He or she will brief you on what to do next. 

Get in touch with:

Junep Ocampo 09175831122


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